Paramedical & Scalp Micropigmentation


Designed to restore confidence, paramedical tattooing, or micro-pigmentation, addresses the scarring, discoloration and malformation caused by a variety of medical conditions and/or surgery. Both men and women affected by hair loss or surgical procedures have been able to enjoy restored confidence by being able to disguise scars and mimic hair growth through high-quality tattooing. Certified in paramedical tattooing, our lead permanent makeup artist, Deena, uses her keen eye for detail and expert hand to adeptly apply pigmentation to areas throughout the face, head and body.

We are experienced and proficient in:

  • 3-D Areola Restoration — Whether damaged after breast reconstruction, a mastectomy, or breastfeeding and age have taken their toll, the appearance of your areolas can be reshaped and colored to ensure symmetry and a youthful hue.
  • Scar Camouflage — Artfully blending colors and texture, your permanent makeup artist works to disguise scars through the precise application of pigments. Meant to match your natural skin tone, the process diminishes the appearance of surgical, burn and acne scars on both the face and the body.
  • Scalp Pigmentation — As a highly safe and effective treatment, pointillism is a non-surgical treatment that is used to replicate the natural appearance of hair follicles. Appropriate for both men and women, the process is used to fill in bald spots and extend receding hairlines.

Allow us to restore your confidence by disguising your scars through micropigmentation. For a confidential and discreet consultation, contact the Deena Cosmetics team now.

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