Corrections & PMU Lightening

Over time, low quality makeup application and/or tattoos begin to show flaws and mistakes. Fortunately, today’s innovations in permanent makeup now allow experienced and knowledgeable artists to effectively remove and correct or change the color and shape of past work. Utilizing proven techniques, we draw the ink to the skin’s surface and permanently alter the appearance of the surface.

Our restorative services include:

  • Permanent Makeup Correction — Skilled and experienced in makeup correction, your makeup artist will use proven techniques to refresh, correct or change the color and shape of previous, outdated work. For more intensive alterations, a non-lade method is used to lighten or remove pigment.
  • Permanent Makeup Removal — Proven to be safe, gentle and effective, the removal of permanent makeup is usually performed with the same type of machine used for tattooing. Needling a consumer-grade saline solution into the outer layers of the skin, the process breaks down pigment and brings it to the surface. For best results, most areas require more than one session.
  • Tattoo Removal — Using the same techniques and solutions as permanent makeup removal, our salon is licensed and approved to remove tattoos from both the face and the body. Depending on the size, placement, and colors used, the process may require several sessions.

No longer happy with the permanent makeup you had done years ago? We can help. Backed by extensive experience and education, Deena will restore and rejuvenate the work so you can once again enjoy the benefits of permanent makeup.


Lip Color Removal-- (must submit a photo)

Eyebrow Color Removal-- (must submit a photo)

Eyeliner Correction -- (must submit a photo)

Eyebrow Correction (shape/color change) -- (must submit a photo)

Emergency Removal (within 48 hours) --(must submit a photo)

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