Client Testimonials

"Explained Everything..."

Deena was very professional, she took her time explaining everything. She made me feel very confident about my decision to go with natural microbladed brows. I was very hesitant for the longest time but talking with her and all of her knowledge made it a hands down best decision I've made. Ladies, if you have questions or have been wanting to learn more about this she's you're go to! If you're a busy professional like myself this saves so much time. I definitely recommend this service.

- Amy

"I Fell Asleep..."

I had an amazing time and everything was perfect! My brows look great and I had little to no pain! I even fell asleep while she was doing it! She really knows what she’s doing and is extremely professional and educated on her cosmetics!

- Rachel

"Absolutely Painless..."

Deena fixed my eyeliner that had been incorrectly touched up by previous artists after I moved here from Europe. I’ve had my eyeliner for 13 years and she made it look brand new and cleaned my lines up! Absolute mastermind with my difficult winged eyeliner! And for the first time in years… I didn’t go home looking like I had been mugged in the alley way after the procedure! No black eyes, no bleeding, and absolutely painless!!! She’s worth every bit of time and money to see, and get work done masterfully and correctly!! Take it from someone who has had many touch ups since moving around the last 10 years. She’s the absolute best at what she does!

- Lynn

"Beyond Pleased..."

I am beyond pleased with the work Deena did on my eyebrows. She is very professional and did a 100% beautiful job with recreating my eyebrows and correcting the color. I highly recommend Deena on any of her work. You definitely will be very pleased with her work. She is very personal and makes sure that you are pleased with her work. I feel like a new woman now. I’m excited to get some other things done also. Thank you so much Deena for making me feel special. ❤️🌹

- Bobbie

"Knows What She Is Doing..."

Deena was amazing! She really knows what she’s doing. I had permanent eyeliner and eyebrows done in the same session, and I’m thrilled. I trust her completely and am glad I didn’t go somewhere less expensive for something permanent on my face! I love looking in the mirror now when I first get up or am going to bed—I always look pretty put together. Thank you, Deena, for making me feel more beautiful all the time!

- Jennifer

"Personalized Experience..."

"Personalized experience! Extra time taken to make sure everything is drawn out right before tattooing. I got my eyebrows tattooed about a week ago and they look so natural! I’m saving so much time without having to fill them in now!"

- Holly

"Deena Does Amazing Work..."

"I love my permanent eyeliner. Deena does amazing work!"

- Brandi

"Best Permanent Makeup Artist..."

"One of the best decision I've made! By the best permanent makeup artist, Deena!"

- Lori

"Results are Amazing..."

"The results are amazing! She is the best in Western North Carolina!"

- Pamela

"Would Highly Recommend..."

"Deena is great! She was very informative before, and after my procedure! I would highly recommend her for your cosmetic make up!!"

- Chazlynn

"Deena is a Superstar..."

"Best Lips I've ever had.... Deena is a superstar and you must go see her for safe, sophisticated permanent make up. Shes a true pro!"

- Shauna

"Very Gentle..."

"I had my eyeliner done in May and I'm so Happy with the results !! Deena was so professional and very gentle ! I would recommend Deena to anyone who is looking for permanent eyeliner!!"

- Betsy

"Deena’s Technique Was Painless..."

"I had my eyeliner done again today after 5 years. As usual, Deena’s technique was painless. Yes, I said painless. It looks awesome and I would not go to anyone else for such a meticulous service!"

- Maria

"Perfect Blend of Artistry and Education..."

"Deena has the perfect blend of artistry and education that make her the best in the business. I can't believe what a difference great eyebrows make and can't wait for my eyeliner appointment. The best gift you'll ever give yourself, I promise!"

- Melissa

"Great for My Skin..."

"Deena micro bladed my eyebrows and I’m in love. She always goes out of her way to give the best service possible. Also like that she informs you on how to take care of your permanent makeup. She’s also done micro needling which was great for my skin!"

- Amalie