How long does it stay? Why does color fade?

The best possible color results can stay for years. Generally, 2-5 years is common. Individual result will vary.

Many factors influence increased fading of pigment. Skin tone, lifestyle choices, environmental impacts, procedures (chemical peels), sun exposure, certain medications and other individual factors all contribute to each person's Permanent Makeup longevity.

Also, the amount of pigment deposited under the skin can affect the length of time Permanent Makeup looks best. Very natural applications are likely to require a touch up sooner than a bolder application. Darker pigments tend to last longer.

Clients' skin type plays the biggest role in longevity and the general outcome of the procedure. Oily skin types tend to have a softer healed appearance for certain procedures, where those with drier skin may heal more crisp and defined.

Proper UVA/UVB protection will prevent color from fading as quickly when in sunny climates. Aggressive skin treatments will have an adverse effect on longevity.

Be sure to explain as much as you are able during your consultation so all factors are considered when we make recommendations to give you the best possible results!

Here are general guidelines for expected outcomes:

Eyeliner - 1-5 years

Lips - 1-2 years for softer results and 3-4 years for lipstick effect.

Eyebrows - 1-3 years