Are Permanent Makeup procedures painful?

The sensation of every person is different and everyone has different levels of pain tolerance. However, most clients are completely comfortable and relaxed during their appointment.

Because Permanent Makeup is performed on sensitive areas of the body, anesthetic cream is used. We use a cream containing a combination of betacain, lidocaine and tetracain. Once the skin is broken another topical containing epinephrine is used to reduce fluid and swelling. This multiple application technique works well in keeping our clients comfortable during the duration of their treatment.

You may choose to take Tylenol prior to your appointment, but do not take Aspirin.

Specific procedure info:

Eyebrows - Clients have compared the sensation to tweezing or threading. Most clients feel this procedure is extremely comfortable with some even falling asleep.

Lips - Expect either no pain or up to mild stinging or pinching sensations. Mild to moderate swelling and tenderness will subside after the procedure is over. Numbing creams are applied before and during the procedure as well as soothing balms.

Lash Line - Expect stinging or pinching sensations.

Your comfort is a top priority at Deena Cosmetics. If you need additional information or additional help, please let us know. We make every effort to ensure our clients are comfortable as we help them to look their best!