Optimizing the shape and volume of any brow, permanent eyebrow makeup allows you to easily transform your upper eye area. Designed to add color and definition, without the hassle of daily makeup application, micro-pigmentation treatments enhance your facial features naturally and beautifully. Backed by years of experience and an extensive education in permanent makeup, we are able to artfully create an individualized look that suits your needs and exceeds your expectations.

We are experts in:

  • Shaded Eyebrows — Producing a soft, natural shade, the application of powder allows us to amplify your natural shape and correct common brow issues such as asymmetry and over-plucking. A shading technique producing a soft natural shade or a more defined made up look
  • Natural (Hairstroke) Eyebrows — This technique can be performed by permanent make-up machine or microblade. Mimicking individual hairs, delicate lines create natural-looking brows by filling in sparse areas and creating a dramatic arch when preferred. Our techniques produce crisp, long lasting results without common side effects, such as scarring that is associated with microblading. Each stroke is carefully designed to produce the natural flow of eyebrow hair.
  • Hybrid (Combo) Eyebrows — Combining both 3D hairstroke and powder techniques, your artist can create an incredibly natural and defined brow. Minimal shading between strokes is added for a softer appearance where maximum shading is added to create a more dramatic result, combo brows.

Discover the possibilities of high-quality permanent makeup by scheduling your personal beauty consultation now. We promise unparalleled safety and comfort as well as stunning, long-lasting results.

Many people can benefit from our precise and realistic eyebrow techniques. As we age the eyebrow hair becomes thinner making the face appear older looking. Correctly shaped eyebrows can give the illusion of more youthful appearance. Cancer survivors, alopecia sufferers and people with thyroid disease will all benefit from our treatments.

Treatment Expectations – 1-2 hours

Numbing medication is applied before the treatment and a sketch is drawn for the client to approve before the treatment begins. Secondary numbing medications are used during treatment to control client discomfort. You can expect slight swelling in the area and tenderness for only a few days. As the area heals it will become dry, tight or itchy feeling and the skin will lightly slough off. At this point pigment may seem a little light in color. Within 4 weeks the pigment will settle in the skin and appear brighter.

Healing time is quick, and can apply traditional cosmetics after 1 week.

Longevity – Permanent

Over time the pigment will sink deeper into the skin resulting in a faded or dull looking eyebrows. A color boosting appointment can be booked at this time for refresh or even change the shape of the old eyebrow. Removal techniques can be used to correct old, heavy, over-saturated permanent makeup or if they’re faded enough, new techniques can be used to create a new natural result.

Price – $500 and up

Shaded Eyebrows, Natural (Hairstroke) Eyebrows, Hybrid (Combo) Eyebrows