Eyeliner Treatements

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Eyeliner treatments range in look and technique ranging from both young, and old participants both female and males can benefit from Eyeliner Treatments. This treatment is great for people with medical limitations as well as people who have time limitations or simply for people that would rather not apply Eyeliner by hand multiple times daily.

From subtle Lash Enhancements, to Eyeliner, and Stardust Eyeliner. Permanent eyeliner Treatments are designed to give a brighter more beautiful eye area.

Eyelash Enhancement eb.jpg

Eyelash Enhancement

A tapered line placed inside of the eyelash line. A natural result that created the look of thicker eyelashes.



Customized shapes and thicknesses, designed to lift and brighten the eye area. 

Stardust Eyeliner.jpg

Stardust Eyeliner

Stardust eyeliner create a soft and powdery effect allowing for various styles and shading techniques . The areas are filled in completely with various shading styles. It is best known for creating an eyeliner/shadow combination and can feature multiple layers of coloring. 


Classic Eyeliner

Winged eyeliner that lifts the appearance of the eyes. This technique heals beautifully creating a shadow effect on the eyelid