Corrections and Tattoo removal

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Corrections are done by blending pigments to neutralize colors that are to light, or dark, and also to change the color, or to alter undesirable shapes. Along with corrections Permanent makeup and body tattoo removal can be done as well at Deena Sumner Permanent Make-up we use non- laser tattoo removal. This Treatment is achieved by opening the skin in a way much like the original procedure using a tattoo or a permanent makeup machine , then a bonding agent is applied to the open skin, which then draws the ink to the skin’s surface.


Pigment can be applied over old permanent makeup to refresh, correct or change color. In some cases pigment must be removed or lightened to alter shape or color - a non-lade method is used.

Permanent Makeup Removal

A process in which the skin of the tattoo is opened, usually done with a tattoo machine. A saline compound solution is then applied to the area, helping to break down the pigment and helps push the pigment to the surface.  Afterward, a scab forms helping to bring the pigment to the surface lightening the pigment of the tattoo. More than one treatment is recommended to lighten the pigment.

Body Tattoo Removal

A very similar process as Permanent Makeup Removal, but used to remove body tattoos. More than one treatment is recommended to lighten the pigment.